CLONE is a lush rock ʼn roll collage that fuses the sequined swagger of 70ʼs glam with the DIY gut punch of early punk and the audacious vocals of contemporary pop. CLONE was created by guitarist Kelly Zombor and lead vocalist Juniper Watters who are joined by Lee Forrester (lead guitar), Gil Forrester (bass) and Jack Guppy (drums).  All share an ability to connect with their inner alter egos who come out to play on stage. As David Bowie once said ‘freedom is born in the realms of eccentricityʼ and CLONE illustrates this perfectly. They have been a favourite pick on Internet radio including Dandyʼs Stardust Dive and SiriusXM's Rodney Bingenheimer Show. CLONE has recorded a new album at The Warehouse Studios in Vancouver BC with the first video single, “Queen” slated for release July 7th, 2023.