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Glam Rock revivaliSTS from    Vancouver canada.

When asked how they got started, guitarist and principal songwriter Duke Swallswell said "Clone was born after an all night glitter orgy between the New York Dolls and T Rex". Clone's sound is best described as a modern reimagining of 70's glam rock. Familiar yet completely original. Fronted by glam-goddess Rocket Science, Clone floats addictive melodies and heavy harmonies atop a river of burning fuzz drenched guitars and an earth quaking, rump shaking, rock and roll rhythm section. 
After the successful release of their Youtube video single "Magpie Love", the band is currently working on their first full length album scheduled for release in fall 2017. Since their debut, Clone has consistently rocked stages in Vancouver BC. Proving that glitter and glam rock are alive and well in the 21st century.