CLONE is a lush collage of glam rock, punk and good old fashioned rock and roll. The Vancouver based band fuses together the best parts of the 70’s with a contemporary devil-may-care approach. Clone is inspired by a sheer love of music, revitalizing the glory days and reminding people what rock and roll is all about. Clone was created through the prism of frontwoman Juniper Watters AKA Rocket Science and guitarist Kelly Zombor AKA Duke Swallswell. Juniper’s background is in jazz, while Kelly’s is in punk and they both share an undeniable talent in the art of performance. The two write songs together, seamlessly combining their diverse range of sonic skills. 

Together, they unified a fully fleshed band that understands their affinity for glitter-infused renegade performance rock. Clone consists of refreshingly experienced musicians with diverse backgrounds with Gill Forrester- AKA Gil the Thrill (bass), Lee Forrester AKA Wayne Guess (lead guitar), Rachel Strobl AKA Candy Noose (bg vocals) with differing drummers. They share a unique ability to connect with their inner alter egos who come out to play on stage. Their shows are reminiscent of the New York Dolls meets T. Rex with gender-bending explosions of sound and vision. They arrive drenched in glitter, eye-liner, wigs, heels and a whole lotta attitude.  

As David Bowie once said ‘freedom is born in the realms of eccentricity’ and Clone illuminates that beautifully. Clone has brewed some phenomenal work thus far such as dance-inducing singles with dizzying music videos. They are set to release new material this spring which is nothing short of extraordinary.  The band sparkles in the sea of modern dad-rock, EDM and west coast folk. We need them now, more than ever to remind us when rock and roll became a spirit that has the magnitude to possess us. They are the modern-day leaders for the children of the revolution.





Saturday, May 30th 2020

PUB 340


Saturday, June 20th 2020

The Fox Cabaret

Major Fantasy (Album Release)